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Your one-stop crystal supplier - Where can I buy wholesale crystals?

Your one-stop crystal supplier – Where can I buy wholesale crystals?

Sacred and powerful, stones and minerals have been favoured for thousands of years now. Utilised for many reasons in several industries and services, crystals can provide beauty, harmony, health and prosperity.

Embracing crystals and the large following it brings, Crystal Empire Wholesale has strived to be the one-stop shop for crystals and minerals wholesale orders. 

Our unique store was founded with love and passion and has grown since our initial establishment in 2017. We carry a wide variety of crystals, minerals, jewellery, carvings and raw crystals. 

We travel across the globe to handpick and select the best stock for our wholesale clients, delivering uncompromised quality. 

If you need a wholesale order on crystals, you can rely on Crystal Empire Wholesale specialists.

To discover how you can purchase wholesale crystals, keep reading below.

Wholesale crystals in Sydney

We are proud to provide a local source for your wholesale crystal needs. With a warehouse located in Western Sydney, we offer exclusive appointments to our registered customers in the region.

By taking a tour of our local warehouse, you have the opportunity to explore our stock first hand up close, so you can make a confident choice in your order. Here, you will also gain knowledge on the unmatched quality you are getting when ordering from us.

When ordering from Sydney, you have the choice to pick up your items directly from our warehouse. Alternatively, for convenience, we can get it delivered to your shop or warehouse if you prefer.

Wholesale crystals across Australia

Don’t live in Sydney? No need to stress, we offer our wholesale crystals across Australia! With shipping offered Australia-wide, you can make a wholesale order from anywhere in the country.

No matter where you are in Australia, as long as you have reception, we can still provide you with the opportunity to inspect our collection through our Virtual Shopping Tour. 

In a 360-degree video call, we arrange a time convenient to you and personally show you our vast collection of crystals, stones, geodes and minerals up close.

As for getting your wholesale order, we use our tried and tested delivery methods. We strictly rely on stringent delivery precautions to ship your delicate order and get it delivered directly to you in a safe manner.

Wholesale crystals across Australia

Wholesale crystals to international customers

Due to their abilities and endless uses, our crystal products are in large demand for wholesale orders, not just in Australia but also worldwide. 

To meet this demand, we have extended our services with international shipping. This way, no matter where you are in the world, you can browse and buy from the incredible selection of crystals we offer.

For customers outside of Australia, we extended our Virtual Shopping Tour. We find a time that suits both you and our team and conduct a 360-degree video call, walking you through our catalogue of crystals, minerals, fossils, rocks and more.

Once you’ve made an order, we rely on worldwide shipping to provide wholesale orders to international customers. 

With rigorous packaging and careful handling, you will have peace of mind when ordering from us.

Are you looking to order wholesale crystals for your business? Let Crystal Empire Wholesale assist! All you need to do is register an account so you can gain access to our collection and the wholesale prices on offer.

For any enquiries on our crystals, minerals, rocks, shipping or more, reach out! We would love to assist and lead you to the right product for your shop or service.