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Dyed Aura Quartz Geodes

5 Aura Quartz products to set you apart from the competition

With so many choices of crystals and stones available for consumers to choose from, it can seem difficult to stand out in the wholesale crystal industry.

Your competitors are captivating their target market through online shopping specials and stocking the same products you see at every wholesale crystal store.

Stocking exclusive and unique collections of new and exciting crystals will make you stand out to the consumers.

The Aura Quartz is the perfect example of an exciting unique crystal to stock for crystal wholesalers. Although manmade, the Aura Quartz placed in a shop window or as a feature-in-display will entice customers to want to see more.

In this article, we want to showcase five Aura Quartz products that you can order today to set you apart from your competition and will keep your customers coming back.

Aura Quartz Opal Unicorn Aura Quartz Opal Unicorn

For something unique, and possibly an excellent example of the perfect gift for room dรฉcor, the Aura Quartz Opal Unicorn is bonded with platinum which creates a magnificent pearly sheen and glimmering colourful iridescence.

Opal Aura Quartz has a strong presence that is known to bring balance, clarity and light to any room you display it in.

Anyone walking by your store window and seeing the Aura Quartz Opal Unicorn on display will be enticed to stop and come in to see more.


Aqua Quartz Clusters Aura Quartz Cluster

Aura Quartz Clusters come in opal, aqua and titanium variations at Crystal Empire Wholesale. These clusters are wild, bright and captivating formations that are a result of quartz and precious metal bonding under extreme heat and pressure.

These cluster variations are a popular search and customers travel far and wide to find the exact crystal that they want. Each one is unique and can provide the cleansing and balancing radiance customers are looking for.


Aura Quartz Opal Aura Flat Stones and Rose Quartz Flat Stones Aura Quartz Flat stones

The Aqua Quartz Opal Aura and Rose Quartz Aura flat stones are two popular but versatile choices. They can be used for decoration and display, coming in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 – 6cm.

These stones may be small but pack in a lot of beauty and significance, making them a remarkable find. These smooth and polished stones have gone through their electrostatic heat treatment to create the illuminating iridescence you see.

Encourage your customers to place them in sun or moonlight to enhance their glow and effects.


Aura Quarts Geodes and Dyed Aura Quartz Dyed Aura Quartz Geodes

Aura Quartz is a genuine crystal, enhanced by modern alchemy which intensifies the elements of the original quartz crystal. Quartz geodes and crystals are placed in a vacuum chamber, heated to over 800ยบC. At this intensity of heat, the vapour of certain precious metals is added which coats the crystals.

A chemical reaction will take place and allow both the crystal and metal to bond, creating a glimmering sheen on the surface of the Quartz, hence the name, Aura Quartz.

Clear quartz is often bonded with gold which produces an electric or sky-blue crystal with subtle flashes of rainbow iridescence.

Aqua Aura Quartz is named for its rich aquamarine colour. It is the most popular of the Aura Quartzes.

Handle them with care and place them somewhere they wonโ€™t be easily damaged or knocked over. It is also important to keep them out of direct sunlight so that they maintain their beautiful colours and maintain presentable for all your customers streaming in to buy these crystals.


Aura Quartz Titanium Points with and without holes Aura Quartz Titanium points

These versatile Aura Quartz Titanium points are an excellent addition to any customers jewellery collection or personal crystal collection or just as they are. Place a bowl of these near your counter for last minute sales or quick buys.

This crystal was formed by a clear Quartz bonding with gold and titanium, which produced a vivid multi-coloured metallic crystal. The metallic bonded Quartzes encourages balance and cleansing. Its unique look makes it a highly sought-after Aura Quartz crystal.


At Crystal Empire Wholesale, we pride ourselves in stocking one of the most extensive ranges of crystals, rocks and minerals in Australia. We have travelled the globe sourcing only the best and highest of quality products. You will struggle to find anywhere else in Sydney that has the variety that we do.

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