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Creating a visual hierarchy with your crystal display

So, you just bought a big batch of wholesale crystals for your shop. What do you do next to ensure maximum sales?

When it comes to running a crystal shop, one of the most important aspects of attracting and engaging customers is the visual appeal of your display. A well-organised and visually captivating display can significantly enhance the shopping experience and encourage customers to explore your crystal products further.

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of creating a visual hierarchy with your crystal display, using wholesale crystals sourced from suppliers like Crystal Empire Wholesale.

1. Start with a clean and tidy layout

Before diving into the creative aspects of your crystal display, begin with a clean and organised layout. Make sure your shop is clutter-free and all crystals are neatly arranged and categorised. Arrange crystals according to their types and sizes, creating a sense of order and making it easier for customers to navigate through your collection.

2. Utilise different display types

Explore various display options to create visual interest. Use crystal display stands, shelves and glass cabinets to showcase your crystal collection. Transparent containers allow customers to appreciate the crystals from all angles, while different levels of elevation add depth and dimension to your display.


3. Highlight featured crystals

Draw attention to your most stunning or popular wholesale crystals. Place them at eye level or in a central location, making them the focal point of your display. Use signage or small tags to indicate the unique properties or benefits of each featured crystal.

For more popular crystals, it also doesn’t hurt to always stock up on your wholesale supply so you never run out.

4. Play with colours

Colours have a profound impact on human emotions and can influence buying decisions. Organise your crystals by colour to create visually appealing arrangements. For instance, group soothing blue crystals together and fiery red or orange crystals in a separate section. The harmonious blend of colours will evoke positive emotions in your customers.

5. Incorporate natural elements

Enhance the beauty of your wholesale crystals by incorporating natural elements into your display. Place crystals on a bed of natural materials like sand, pebbles, or wood to create an earthy and grounded vibe. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps customers visualise how the crystals might look in their own living spaces.

Potted plants also help bring out a wide range of colours for crystals. Make sure to select pots that don’t take too much attention but instead complement your overall display.


6. Use proper lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for creating an inviting atmosphere. Illuminate your crystal display with soft, warm lights that highlight the brilliance and unique features of each crystal. Experiment with different lighting angles to avoid harsh glares or shadows that could deter customers from fully appreciating the crystals.

7. Provide interactive elements

Encourage customers to engage with your crystal display by providing interactive elements. Offer small bowls or containers filled with tumbled stones that customers can touch and hold. This hands-on experience helps customers establish a personal connection with the crystals, making them more likely to make a purchase.


8. Create storytelling displays

Design displays that tell a story or convey a specific theme. For instance, you can create a display centred around crystals for love and relationships or a display representing the elements of nature. These themed displays capture the imagination of customers and can spark curiosity about specific crystal properties.

If different crystals are displayed together through a story, your customers might even get interested in similar stones they didn’t initially intend to buy.

9. Rotate your display

To keep your shop fresh and exciting, consider rotating your display regularly. Introduce new wholesale crystals and rearrange the layout to maintain visual interest. Regular changes in your display will encourage repeat visits from customers eager to explore what’s new.

10. Encourage customer feedback

Always be open to customer feedback regarding your crystal display. Positive feedback can reinforce successful display strategies, while constructive criticism can help you improve and refine your visual hierarchy to better meet your customers’ preferences.


Creating a visual hierarchy with your crystal display is a skill that can significantly impact your crystal shop’s success.

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