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Most popular crystal products to add to your stock

As a wholesale crystal seller, whether you are experienced or new to the industry, you always need to stay on top of the market and stock your shelves with crystal products that are in high demand. How you fill your inventory is completely up to what you want to offer your customers.

Some crystal sellers only offer the staples of the industry whilst others opt to offer rarer pieces. Either way, there are hundreds of wholesale geodes and crystals to pick from to stock your shelves. Keep reading to learn more about the bare basics you need to stock to be a successful wholesale crystal seller in Australia.


Types of crystal products to stock your shelves with

Tumbled stonesAura Quartz Cluster

The living room, much like its name suggests, is a haven of entertainment and enjoying the best moments of life with friends and family. There are many crystals you could use in the living room to Tumbled stones are smaller, diligently polished pieces of rocks and minerals that are made by placing rough-edged stones in a rock tumbler machine. These stones are then tumbled for several days with an abrasive grit until they are smooth and reflective.

Tumbled stones come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes. Their beauty is alluring and texture encapsulating. These enthralling stones run a mass of uses in the accessory making process. They are prominently used in alternative medicine practices and spiritual practices such as energy healing and meditation. These stones have endless uses and are therefore the perfect fundamental crystal product to add to your inventory.

Raw chips and chunkssAura Quartz Cluster

Tumbled stones are polished to perfection whereas raw chips and chunks are perfectly the opposite. These crystal products are rocks and minerals preserved in their natural beauty. Raw crystal products are also used for creating jewellery pieces, craft making and decorations.

Raw chips and chunks are the state of the stone before being tumbled and can carry the same power and uses as the final product. Often customers opt for the natural state of the stone to appreciate their innate beauty.

ClustersAura Quartz Cluster

A cluster is a group of crystals that formed together and can grow on the surface of a myriad of rocks or minerals or along with the interior of a geode. Clusters are simply several crystal points connected at the base together and can either be small or large.

Clusters are very commonly used for energy healing purposes. With its multiple points, a single crystal cluster is commonly believed to release enormous amounts of positive energy and can be used as decorative material as well.

PointsAura Quartz Cluster

A crystal point is the sharp pinnacle or tip of a crystal. It is normally found on one end or both sides. Crystal experts generally call this type of crystal product ‘terminations.’ All crystals, large or small, could potentially have single or double terminations.

Terminations or points on a crystal are ordinarily a result of mining or weathering. Rough and untouched crystals frequently have a single or misshapen point.

However, it is not uncommon to find crystals that don’t have any natural points. In this case, crystals are usually shaped and then polished either manually or through a machine to give them these pointed ends and enhance their appeal. These are called polished crystal points.

Bracelets and pendantsAura Quartz Cluster

Rocks and crystals are manufactured into additional forms to serve aesthetic or healing purposes. Often people want to take with them the healing and energizing powers of gemstones wherever they go, and what better way to do that than wearing them as accessories. Colourful gemstone bracelets are worn to concentrate their energies on the hand, wrist and arm. They are ideal for people involved in creative work using their hands.

Pendants and necklaces are also a great way to access the healing benefits of gemstones. When worn around the neck, these accessories radiate their energies in all directions, penetrate the deepest recesses of the body and unblock the auras.


Discover the meaning of these most popular crystals and stock your shelves full of them


Amethyst is the most popular crystal for a reason. With a stunning purple hue, this crystal’s effects range from calming anxiety to encouraging a good night’s rest.

Rose Quartz

This pink crystal is wonderful to use when engaging in love and new relationships. If one is already stuck on an emotional rollercoaster, rose quartz brilliantly encourages empathy and reconciliation. Get ready for absolute inner peace with rose quartz on display.

Clear Quartz

Hit the reset button with clear quartz. This crystal is multipurpose and essential for any crystal collection. Otherwise known as a “master” crystal, clear quartz is all about calming down inner noise and static while bringing upon a dawn of new clarity and direction.


As one of the most absorbent crystals, Tourmaline is said to be able to soak up all negative energies and ridding toxicity. Associated with the root chakra, proponents of black tourmaline say that it can ground you when life feels overwhelming.


Agate is one of the most visually encapsulating crystal stones. It is said to promote inner stability, composure and maturity. Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, frequently found in any continents that have experienced volcanic activity. This deep, dark stone is known for its purifying properties, helping with digestive issues, joint pains and muscle aches.


Selenite supposedly clears out any negative energies and covers one in a more peaceful flow of energy. People traditionally use selenite like a wand around their body to assist in drawing out any energetic obstacles that stand in the way of achieving inner serenity. You should give your customers a heads up though that selenite dissolves in water, so they should keep the geode in a dry place.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is undoubtedly the best crystal to keep at your work desk (or your WFH corner). The blue crystal encourages a free flow of ideas amongst colleagues. It also inspires clarity and directness, which is especially helpful during Mercury retrograde, an astrological transit that happens three times a year and is notorious for causing communication meltdowns.

There is a myriad of crystals, stones and mineral products to stock your shelves with. Finding a supplier for your specific wholesale geodes and crystal needs can seem like a chore. You want a supplier that ethically sources their crystals and can provide the quality and range you are looking for.

Crystal Empire Wholesale was created with much love and passion. We offer a huge variety of polished crystals, minerals, jewellery, carvings and raw crystals. We travel overseas to source and handpick lots of our stock. This is reflected in the quality that we provide at our warehouse.

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